Olympus VP-20 Digital Voice Recorder

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  • Product Description

      Olympus VP-20 Digital Voice Recorder

      The VP-20 pen-type digital voice recorder allows you to record casually and naturally. Its slim, compact body is equipped with plenty of functions for different usage scenes, such as automatic adjustment of the recording level, a self-timer, and a filter to reduce rustling noise when recording with the digital voice recorder in your pocket. Recording with an external microphone is also possible, and there is a large 8 GB internal memory to store long recordings.

      High Quality Recording.
      The most important point when choosing a digital voice recorder is sound quality. This digital voice recorder is not only compact but also includes various functions to allow you to record sound clearly, such as Intelligent Auto Mode to adjust the recording level automatically and an Anti-Rustle filter to reduce rustling noise when recording with the recorder in your pocket.

      An impressive array of playback functions.
      The VP-20 is equipped with improved noise cancellation technology to strongly cut out background noise from recorded voice, and two new Playback Scene modes. "Transcription" mode is convenient for when you want to create minutes or notes from your meeting recordings, and the "Language Study" mode is helpful when learning a foreign language.

      The recorder has many features for ease-of-use, such as "One-Touch Recording" that silently and quickly activates recording, and "Pocket" mode which is effective for recording a wide range of voices from your pocket.

      High-quality stereo recording in all environments.
      In order to securely capture every sound and voice, the recorder features Omni-directional stereo microphones which capture sound from all directions, even when recording from your pocket. The recorder has low noise, high quality microphones in its compact, slim body.

      Automatically adjusting the microphone sensitivity with "Intelligent Auto Mode"
      The VP-20's Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the microphone's sensitivity. For example, the mode allows you to record the voice of a speaker in a large conference room by automatically raising the sensitivity and capturing even a quiet voice from far away. Conversely, the mode allows you to automatically lower the sensitivity when recording in a small meeting room or office to prevent the voice of a speaker nearby from becoming too loud. In this mode, the recorder senses the size of the room and number of speakers and automatically chooses the best settings for your particular scene. This will prevent voices from being either too quiet or too loud to understand. To set this mode, select recording level "Auto" from the menu.

      Anti-Rustle filter reduces surface friction while recording in your pocket.
      The anti-rustle filter has evolved to reduce the rustling noise that occurs in a pocket or anywhere else during recording to suppress noise and record clear sound. The recorder observes the correlation of the sound input from the left and right microphones, separates the voice component from the rustling noise component, and performs filtering to reduce only the noise.

      Five recording scene modes including "Pocket" mode.
      By simply selecting from the menu, you can choose the optimum recording settings according to specific scenes. Pocket mode is effective for recording a wide range of voices when the device is in your pocket. With Dictation, Conference, Meeting or DNS modes, you can easily capture high-quality recordings in any environment.

      Low-cut filter eliminates extraneous noise.
      During recording, the low-cut filter can be used to cut the sound at frequencies of 300 Hz and lower, typical examples of this being the sound of air conditioners or projector fans.

      Compatible with two recording formats.
      Select from two recording formats: Linear PCM format (22.05kHz) and the versatile MP3 format.

      Olympus VP-20 Specifications:

      Brand - Olympus
      Audio Formats - MP3, PCM
      Recording Modes - MP3, PCM
      Maximum Recording Time - 2100 h
      Flash Memory Capacity - 8 Gb
      Host Interface - USB
      Height - 130 mm
      Depth - 17 mm
      Width - 17 mm
      Weight - 37.5 g

      In The Box?

        1 X Olympus VP-20 Digital Voice Recorder
        1 X USB Connection Cable
        1 X AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery x1
        1 X Instruction Manual


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