Lukas LK-7500 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam

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  • Product Description

      Lukas LK-7500 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam

      This LUKAS LK-7500 is a new high-quality LUKAS dash cam that combines a lot of functions in a very compact design. This 1CH dash cam films with the very best video quality in 60fps Full HD using the SONY Starvis IMX307 sensor. The sensor in this LK-7500 is best known for its excellent properties in the dark. In addition to excellent image quality, the LK-7500 Wifi GPS is also equipped with all useful LUKAS features such as Wifi, GPS and ADAS.

      Night Vision With SONY Starvis
      The SONY Starvis image sensor is one of the best sensors that SONY currently produces for compact cameras. The Starvis sensor performs best in the night in low light, which is why the LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS is extremely suitable for filming in the dark. The LK-7500 films in FullHD 1080p in 60fps, which means that the image is also very smooth and license plates can also be read at a higher speed.

      The LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS is equipped with Wifi. Wifi allows you to connect with the LK-7500 Wifi GPS dash cam via smartphone or tablet. The specially designed LUKAS app for iOS and Android provides seamless access to the dash cam to share all recorded videos directly with all your acquaintances. Via the Wifi, the settings of the dash cam can also be changed and saved recorded images can be viewed. Another big advantage of the Wifi functionality in this dash cam is the automatic firmware update that can be performed.

      The ADAS 2.0 system on this LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS is a renewed built-in 'Advanced Driver Assistant System'. This system supports the driver in two ways while driving - FCWS: 'Forward Collision Warning System'. This system gives a warning when a vehicle ahead is approached at high speed. The system alerts, for example, when there is a congestion ahead. The built-in GPS tells the dash cam what the current speed is, allowing it to make an accurate risk analysis. LDWS: 'Lane Departure Warning System'. When the car threatens to change lanes on the highway, the camera will give a warning signal. * The working of the ADAS system depends highly on the infrastructure and other factors. Drivers should not depend fully on the warning signals and always pay attention to the road.

      4 Recording Modes
      The LK-7500V Wifi GPS can record images in four different ways - Regular recording: The regular recordings made by the camera are stored on the SD card in fragments of 3 or 5 minutes. With a full SD card, the oldest images are automatically deleted and overwritten by new clips. Event recording: In the event of an impact, the built-in G-sensor is activated and the camera will take an event recording (indicated by a warning signal). the 10 seconds before the impact and 20 seconds after the impact are stored securely on the MicroSD and can not be deleted by the camera. Parking recording: Motion detection parking mode records a 10 seconds prior and 20 seconds after a detected movement around the car. The camera will be in 'stand-by' mode when no motion is detected. Emergency recording: A manual 30 second Emergency recording can be started at the push of a button and is stored on the MicroSD card.

      128 GB Storage Capacity
      The LUKAS 7500 supports MicroSD cards up to 128gb, which amounts to around 30 hours of FullHD videos. The LK-7500 Wifi GPS comes standard with a 16GB SD from LUKAS. These LUKAS SD cards are specially designed for use in LUKAS cameras. They are resistant to many reading and writing cycles and can withstand large temperature changes. In addition, they are fast enough to handle the many data of the FullHD recordings.

      Dual band GPS + Glonass
      Due to the built-in Dual-band GPS + Glonass receiver in the holder of the LK-7500 Wifi GPS, all coordinates of the locations where videos are made are stored. Dual-band works with both GPS (American) and Glonass (Russian) satellites to guarantee a perfect connection and accuracy. The GPS will also make sure the current speed is shown on the videos.

      Optional CPL Filter
      The LUKAS 7500 is capable of making the best shots in all weather conditions by using interchangeable filters. The LUKAS 7500 is equipped with a UV filter as standard. With the optional 37mm CPL filter, crystal clear recordings can also be made in sunny conditions. The CPL filter is like sunglasses for the lens and prevents harmful sun rays and unwanted reflections in the image.

      Format Free Functionality
      Due to the handy format-free function in this LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS dash cam, it is no longer necessary to format the SD cards. The software controls the formatting itself so that the SD cards and the camera always work perfectly and work together. In addition to automatic formatting, this system also guarantees better preservation of the SD card, fewer reading and writing errors and no loss of data.

      Automatic Low Voltage Cut Off
      The smart LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS dash cam has a built-in low voltage cut-off system. Through this system the dash cam notices when the car's battery is running out and in that case it immediately turns off the camera. The minimum voltage can be set to take into account the type of car and the season. Thanks to this built-in system, the LK-7500V Wifi GPS can be used without any worries to secure your car when it is parked. Please note that this function only works with the continuous power supply and not with the cigarette power.

      Built In Security LED
      The LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS has a security LED built in. This allows potential vandals to be warned that a dash cam is protecting the car. The LED can be switched on and off in the menu if required.

      Resistant To Extreme Temperatures
      By using the best materials and the most careful assembly, the LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS can withstand extreme temperatures. The camera can operate at temperatures between -40˚C and 80˚C.

      Super Capacitor
      The LUKAS LK-7500 Wifi GPS is equipped with a super capacitor instead of a normal battery. This super capacitor ensures that the camera can shut down properly after the power has been lost. Super capacitor batteries have been specially developed for use in dash cams because they are more durable than regular Polymer Li-ion batteries and also have better resistance to high and low temperatures.


                • FullHD (1080p) 60fps
                • Max 128gb SD Card
                • 145 Degree Lens
                • Great Night Vision
                • ADAS
                • WiFi
                • GPS
                • Loop Recording
                • G Sensor
                • Sony Starvis IMX307 Sensor
                • Ambarella Processor
                  What's in the Box?
                    1 X LUKAS LK-7500
                    1 X Adhesive 3M stickers
                    1 X 3-wire Hardwire cable (4m)
                    1 X LUKAS 16gb Micro SD MLC
                    1 X SD adapter
                    1 X Manual

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