Gogogate2 Complete Kit For Gates & Roller Doors - GGG2-01W-AU-103

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  • Product Description

      Gogogate2 Complete Kit For Gates & Roller Doors - GGG2-01W-AU-103

      Complete Kit for 1 gate OR 1 Roller Door. Includes Wi-Fi Garage door controller and one wired waterproof sensor for a Gate OR Roller Door. Gogogate2 integrates all your gate remote controls in one single app on your Smartphone. Open, close, watch and monitor your gate door from anywhere, receive alerts when gate is open, closed or left open and share access with your guests on the go.

      • Remotely operation of garage doors and gates from Smartphone, Tablet or PC
      • Garage Door / Gate Status Monitoring (video feature optional)
      • Smartphone notifications for garage door events (open, close or left open)
      • Access management: grant or deny access to your guests
      • Visual and auditive warning system for remote operation
      • Easy to Install and program (Wi-Fi controller Not Waterproof)

      The Gogogate kit includes:

      • 1 x Gogogate 2 controller
      • 3 x pre-assembled cables
      • 1 x AUS power adaptor
      • 1 x USB WiFi adaptor
      • 1 x double sided tapes
      • 1 x Quickstart Guide
      • 1 x Wired sensor for sliding and swing gates or roller doors


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  • Hi I was just wondering if it was possible to operate open and close either door though a single unit and one app as I have a 2 car and a single sided by side

    Yes, you can use one app and one device. The app allows you to open and close specific gates and doors to give you complete control and visibility. 

  • I have a vicway garage door opener. Is the brand compatible with it? Can i use siri to open the garage? Is it compatible with apple home kit?

    Yes, the GoGoGate 2 is fully compatible with the Vicway Door Opener.

    GoGoGate 2 supports Alexa and Google Assistant through IFTT, but there isn't native Apple Home Kit support.

  • Is the GogoGate for a Gate weatherproof?

    Unfortunately it is a Yes and a No. The device itself is not, it needs to be housed in a weatherproof environment however the Gate Version has a cable that runs from the GoGoGate Device to a sensor that sits at the gate. Some customers house the GoGoGate in a weatherproof electrical box next to the gate or in a house next to the gate and run the wires to the Gate itself. The other option is the iSmartGate version that GoGoGate has just released which you'll also find on our website here - https://www.linelink.com.au/collections/gogogate

  • Can this system utilise 2 x sensors to monitor status of 2 gates simultaneously?

    Yes, it can monitor and operate up to 3 gates / doors.