GoGoGate Garage Door Sensor GGG2-TWS

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  • Product Description

      GoGoGate Garage Door Sensor GGG2-TWS

      Wireless sensor ideal for sectional garage doors. Allows you to conveniently monitor your garage door status, its temperature and the battery condition. By connecting the wireless sensor to the door, you will receive Smartphone alerts for every garage door event and keep track in a built-in calendar of events.

      This sensor

      Main features:

      • Tilt switch broken when garage door opens
      • Very easy to install (one piece mounted on garage door)
      • Long lasting battery (1.5 years)
      • 150 ft. (50m) max. range - open space
      • 4-digit security code
      • Temperature and battery status indicators
      • 2.4 Ghz frequency
      • Elegant and clean design

      The Wireless Sensor kit includes:

      • 1 x Tilt wireless door garage sensor
      • 2 x AAA batteries (1.5V)
      • 1 x Double sided tape
      • 1 x User manual

      Note - This is a sensor for the GoGoGate Device - it requires a GoGoGate device to work.


Ask a Question
  • Does the sensor have an remote indicator instead of using a smartphone? When you say max range 50 mt open space, what exactly does this mean?

    This sensor has a mercury switch inside it simply to tell the GoGoGate 2 Device whether or not the door is open or closed. This sensor is a wireless sensor so that is why the distance is limited. So in answer to your question in summary, this sensor tells teh GoGoGate 2 Device whether or not the door is open or closed and that in turn then shows a representation on your smart phone in the GoGoGate app to display the status of the door - ie open or closed and the temperature of the garage etc.

  • Is this all i need for monitoring my garage door?

    The sensor talks to the GoGoGate 2 Device which talks to the Internet / WiFi network.

    The wireless sensor for Garage Doors (Sectional or Panel Lift) essentially just tells the GoGoGate 2 device whether the door is OPEN or CLOSED.

    If you already have the GoGoGate 2 Device then this is all you need to monitor your door if you have a sectional or panel style door.

    If not, then you need to purchase a Kit that contains the GoGoGate 2 and a sensor both of which I've listed links for you here:

    For A Sectional  / Panel style doors - https://www.linelink.com.au/collections/gadgets/products/gogogate2-garage-door-kit

    For Roller Doors / Gates - https://www.linelink.com.au/collections/gadgets/products/gogogate2-complete-kit-for-a-gates-roller-doors-ggg2-01w-au-103

    Here's another helpful link on connections too!


  • Can these be fitted to a single tilt door?

    The GoGoGate Garage Door Sensor GGG2-TWS is for tilt or sectional panel doors. So the answer to your question is yes, it'll work perfectly with a single tilt door.