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Gogogate2 Ultimate Kit For Gates & Roller Doors - GGG2-01W-AU-105


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Gogogate2 Ultimate Kit For Gates & Roller Doors - GGG2-01W-AU-105

The ultimate solution to remotely control, monitor and watch your gate from anywhere with your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Includes the Gogogate2 device, wired waterproof sensor and wireless waterproof outdoor IP camera.


Remote Access

Open and close your gate remotely from an app. Internet connection required.

Real time alerts

Receive alerts for gate status (open, closed or left open).

Video monitoring

Connect the included IP Camera to Gogogate2 using the 1 year free video plugin. Watch and record events in your gate remotely from your phone.

Automatic open/close

Gogogate2 will open and close your gate automatically thanks to IFTTT app and phone's GPS signal.

Time to close

With IFTTT and Gogogate2, you can open and close your gate at a given time everyday (ie. Make sure gate is closed everyday at 9PM)

Voice Commands (only USA)

With IFTTT and Amazon Echo, Gogogate2 can open and close your gate with voice commands.

Control 3 gates with 1 device

One Gogogate2 device can control up to 3 gates. The app can control unlimited devices and gates.

User Management

Grant and deny access to different users remotely. Restrict access by time, gate and location. 10 users for free.

Calendar of events

Check what happens in your gate from the distance with a built-in calendar of events.

Visual acoustic alarm

Gogogate2 will alert all individuals in the confines of a gate 5 seconds before gate is remotely open or closed.


You can use and edit your Gogogate2 system from an app on your Smartphone (iOS/Android) or via web from your Tablet, Laptot or PC. App available for Apple Watch too.

Easy to install

Gogogate2 only requires a screwdriver and 20 minutes of your time. 3D installation video.

CAM - HD resolution (720p)

Watch video in High Definition (1MP) from the iSmartgate Cam. Feature available with Gogogate2.

CAM - Night Vision

Watch your gate from your phone even in the dark. Night Vision for up to 20m. Feature available with Gogogate2.

CAM - Waterproof (IP66)

The iSmartgate Outdoor Cam has an IP66 enclosure ideal for outdoor use.

What's In The Box?

  • · 1 x Gogogate 2 controller
  • · 3 x Pre-assembled cables
  • · 1 x Power adaptor
  • · 1 x USB WiFi adaptor
  • · 1 x Double sided tape
  • · 1 x Quickstart guide
  • · 1 x Screws for wired sensor
  • · 1 x Waterproof wired sensor
  • · 1 x Wireless Outdoor IP Camera
  • · 1 x Detachable Wi-Fi antenna
  • · 1 x Power adaptor
  • · 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • · 1 x Support CD
  • · 3 x Mounting screw
  • · 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • · 1 x Warranty Card
  • · 1 x Allen wrench

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Questions & Answers

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  • Wireless sensor for sectional or tilt garage doors - what is this used for? I have a panel lift garage door. Don't know if I need the sensor or not?

    Whilst not entirely necessary, this sensor is recommended as it completes the loop in the operation of the GoGoGate Device. In your situation, you would need the GoGoGate 2 Main Unit (which wires to your door motor - 2 wires) and the wireless door sensor. All these items are included in this kit - Gogogate2 Complete Kit For A Garage Door - GGG2-01W-AU-102. The sensor simply is a wireless mercury switch that communicates to the GoGoGate 2 Main Unit to tell it what state the door is in - up or down. Without that, the app is unable to determine accurately what state the door is in. There's some great installation video's on our You Tube channel as well which you can check out here - Linelink Online You Tube Channel.