Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee - Linelink Online

Best Price Guarantee

First, let’s make sure you qualify.

Ensure that you meet the criteria before filling in the form below:

The product and deal you are comparing must meet each of the following criteria to qualify for a price beat with Linelink Online:

  • The product must be the exact same brand name and model as appears on our site.
  • Products must be 100% identical including all accessories in the box.
  • The price must include all fees, payment surcharges, shipping costs and any other applicable charges. We don't charge freight, payment surcharges or any other fees.
  • The product must be sold and shipped by an authorised Australian dealer. Grey market and overseas imported stock are excluded from this offer. Remember, orders shipped from overseas attract a 10% GST at the point of entry and often items from outside of Australia are not covered by local warranty.
  • The product must be in-stock, available for immediate shipment and cannot be a limited time offer or available only in limited quantities.
  • The product’s price must not be lower due to an advertising error, misprint, or special sales price. Special sales price include Black Friday prices, Cyber Monday prices, Boxing Day prices, restricted offers, rebates, coupons, premiums, free or bonus offers, close-outs, liquidations, clearances, and financing offers.
  • The price match must be a printed or online catalogue, web site or form of advertisement. We do not offer a price match for eBay or Amazon as we have our own presence on those sales channels.
  • Linelink Online reserves the right to assess each price beat submission on its circumstances and our decision will be final and binding.
  • We will not and cannot sell below cost price. Any price match request below a cost price will be immediately refused. After all, we have to make some form of profit to stay in business.