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Linelink Online was established in 1994 as a reseller of computer hardware and consumer electronics. Linelink Online was formed in response to the need for a first class online store which could supply products in a timely manner at market competitive pricing.

Today we continue to do this by supplying quality computer products from market leading manufacturers to our customer base throughout Australia via our online store. By not having a retail presence and only offering products online, we can offer the very best prices to you by not having expensive and unnecessary overheads to incorporate into our prices. At Linelink Online we understand that consumers have complex needs and we cater to these requirements by ensuring we have all the correct support mechanisms to assist you with your purchase.

At Linelink we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and we apply this philosophy to all areas of our business to ensure your total satisfaction. We are continuously striving to improve in all areas of our business to deliver the best products to you at the best prices. By shopping online with Linelink you get the best products, best prices, expert advice and support all without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Linelink Online is driven by its mission statement. "To be considered one of the best online stores in Australia for consumer electronics and IT equipment". To achieve this the management and staff at Linelink Online know that they must continually improve, day in, day out, increasing efficiency and streamlining internal systems, responding to customer feedback and requirements, expanding our support mechanisms and further enhancing our product range.

Central to the company's philosophy is its most important asset; its people. All staff are committed to total customer satisfaction and at Linelink Online, this means working for you to get you the right products at the right prices and in a timely manner. Our management team has extensive experience within the IT and Consumer Electronics industries and this means Linelink Online is motivated by an understanding of the needs of its customer base.

Each of our staff members are professionally trained to deal with all aspects of their responsibilities. The sales team know their products, their individual strengths and features. Technical and support staff are trained to manufacturers standards. Naturally, in an ever changing world of electronics, training in all departments is an on-going process.

Linelink Online is dedicated to providing the best possible service to its customers and suppliers alike. To this end, Linelink Online is organized into strategic business units in order to streamline service and to meet the requirements of its business partners.

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Linelink Online has built solid alliances with its suppliers, sourcing only leading edge products from top-name manufacturers. They are products with a well earned reputation for reliability and durability - products which have set the standard in the electronics and IT industries.

By sourcing from suppliers in Australia and overseas, Linelink Online can provide the very best and widest possible range of products to its customers, and always at market sensitive pricing.

Linelink Online prides itself on marketing only products which offer excellent value for money. To this end Linelink Online continuously reviews its product mix, pioneering new products and suppliers to compliment its existing range and vision.

Linelink Online's goal is to provide its customers with innovative and cost effective solutions for all their IT and electronic equipment needs.

Linelink Online has a mission, "To be considered one of the best online stores in Australia for consumer electronics and IT equipment". This means more than just moving boxes. Our aim is, and always will be, to add value to our products.

We are working for our customers and suppliers to help build their businesses in the most cost effective ways possible. Our focus is on listening to business partners and acting on their feedback and advice.

For today and the future we will continue to develop and improve our product range together with our support and logistics. In this way we reinforce our commitment to maintaining excellence in our on-going relationships with our business partners.

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