Tracker One 4G TK-419B GPS Vehicle Tracker With Backup Battery

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  • Product Description

      Tracker One 4G TK-419B GPS Vehicle Tracker With Backup Battery

      In the 12 Months to September 2018 53,016 Vehicles were Stolen in Australia. This Doesn't include Caravans, Boats, Heavy Machinery etc. Is your car where you parked it? Only 2% of Vehicle Thefts in Australia are committed by professionals, these thefts are normally for parts or rebirthing, NOT for joyriding.

      Today, car theft is an unfortunate part of life. Most of us think that it won't happen to me and even if it did, I have insurance. Unfortunately that is not enough, what about the inconvenience of not having a car while yours is gone, damage to the engine which unless being destroyed is not covered by insurance or heaven forbid being repaired after being stolen. Just ponder that for a moment before you ask yourself is the small investment in our 4G GPS Tracker worth it?

      Today, more and more we hear about cars being Stolen or Car Jacked sometimes, with a child still in the car. We cam only imagine the anguish the parents are going through while waiting to hear any news about their children from police. But what can take Police hours or even days to find our RO-419 LTE can locate in under 15 seconds!


      Unlike most 4G GPS Trackers which ONLY work in 4G Coverage Areas, the TK-419 LTE is backwards compatible and will automatically switch between 3G and 4G to get the best signal. The RO-419 LTE also works with all Telcos unlike others that require you to use a particular carrier and give you very limited options. Our Trackers Automatically Update Their Firmware Without You Having To Do Anything Using "Over The Air" Technology.

      Tracker One is a Genuine 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker for use in Cars, Trucks, Buses, Heavy Machinery, Caravans and Motorcycles. Being fully waterproof it can also be used in Boats, Yachts and Jet-skis making Tracker One the most versatile and cost effective vehicle GPS tracking solutions available.

      Once installed there are no ongoing monitoring costs or fees. The only ongoing cost is that which is associated with the SIM card. We include a ALDI SIM card and with typical use, the data usage will equate to around $30 per year. For only $30 per year you have absolute peace of mind and often your insurance company will give you a discounted premium for having a GPS tracking device in your vehicle.

      The Tracker One vehicle GPS tracker is capable of operating on all current Australian Mobile Carriers and its data usage and power usage levels are extremely low.

      Tracker One is one of the easiest Vehicle Trackers to set up and use and they are extremely cost effective. To assist customers to use the different functions of the Tracker, we include a ”Quick Start Guide” on CD-ROM with comprehensive instructions and individual “How To” Guides in plain English with images.

      Tracker One research confirms the primary motivation of customers is to locate their cars or other vehicles if stolen or for Fleet Owners to monitor their vehicles usage and movements.


      • Fleet management
      • Trailer management
      • Workforce management
      • Delivery truck dispatch
      • Vehicle recovery
      • Caravan security
      • Boat security
      • Jet Ski security
      • Heavy machinery tracking
      • Logistics for temperature-controlled supply chain
      • PAYD (Pay As You Drive) insurance


      A Standard installation requires only 3 Wires, 12v Constant, Earth / Negative and Accessories, and typically takes approximately 30 minutes. These cables are readily available throughout most vehicles.

      Tracker One 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker

      Tracker One 4G Features Include: -

      • Operating Voltage range - 12-36 V DC
      • Dual model, GPS & LBS positioning.
      • GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly.
      • Supports real-time tracking and history track playback.
      • Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying.
      • Battery pack, External power disconnect alarm & Low battery alarm.
      • Built-in G-sensor ,Vibration, collision and falling alarm.
      • GEO-fence alarm, speed & shift alarm.
      • Use relay to remotely cut off petrol/power.
      • Cut off petrol or power by SMS command.(Only Works On 12v Systems).
      • Extend I/O port to add extension function (For Future Functions).
      • Multiple protocol support, can be integrated to platform of customers.
      • Firmware/configuration upgrade program Over the air(OTA).
      • Water proof  level IP65
      • Compact Design 87mm (L) X 41.6mm (W) X 12mm (H) (Fits Anywhere).

        The Tracker One website integrates Vehicle Route Information automatically recorded to its on board memory, (as seen in the image below) displaying where a vehicle has been, how long it was there, average speed and retains this and other information for a minimum of 3 Months or 2000 way points. This gives businesses incredible power to reconcile job invoices.

        Having a Tracker without being able to view its location, is like having a phone without a phone number. Tracker One users have free lifetime use of the Tracking Website and both iOS and Android Applications so no matter what device you are using, we have you covered. Our software is full functioned but more importantly, easy to use.

        What’s Included In The Box?
        • 1 x 4G TK-419 GPS Tracker
        • 1 x Power Wiring Harness
        • 1 x Relay & Relay Wiring Harness
        • 1 x CD-ROM Containing All Manuals For Installation & Use
        • 1 X ALDI SIM Card (Requires Activation & Credit)
        • 1 X Panic Button
        • 1 X Battery Pack



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    • I'm looking at purchasing the "Tracker One 4G TK-419B GPS Vehicle Tracker With Backup Battery" and need it installed pretty soon. Do you have this item in stock?

      Yes, in stock ready for overnight shipment.

    • What SmartPhone APP does this use?

      The TK-419B uses the KEELIN app which is available on Google Play or the Apple App store.