GoGoGate 2

The Gogogate 2 is a smart garage door opener that is compatible with garage doors or gates and doesn’t affect the normal functionality of your existing garage door opener. By using either a Gogogate 2 wireless or wired sensor, you can control up to 3 different garage doors or gates. The Gogogate 2 is intended to be a DIY device to install in your home, so there are no special skills required to set it up. Whenever the Gogogate 2 is used remotely it will warn users and people around both a triple LED light alarm that flashes intermittently 5 seconds before the garage door is closed and also an audible alarm. You can connect the Gogogate 2 to your home WiFi network or through wired Ethernet and in the event that your home network goes down, the Gogogate 2 will generate its own wireless network so users at home can still access the device.

Gogogate 2 integrates with If This Then That (IFTTT), a popular service used to create recipes which combine different devices and services to automatically do things for you, making your life easier and more comfortable. Example of recipes available for the Gogogate 2 include automatically closing your garage or gate when you’re leaving the house, or opening it as you come home – removing the need to use your garage door opener or app. IFTTT recipes are available for both iOS and Android.

The team at Gogogate has designed a single, intuitive and elegant app for you to use with the Gogogate system, allowing you to open your garage door with an iPhone, Android Smartphone or any web browser. Connect a compatible IP camera to view your garage remotely, so you can see what’s going on in your garage and never worry whether you’ve left the door open. With the app you can also receive smart alerts when the garage door is open, closed or be reminded when you’ve left the door open.

Linelink Online is the only Authorised Dealer for Gogogate 2 in Australia and we carry the complete range of Gogogate 2 products and accessories. We have a range of helpful Gogogate installation video's on our YouTube Channel to assist you with getting your Gogogate 2 up and running.

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