Waylens Secure360 Dash Cam (WiFi)

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  • Product Description

      Waylens Secure360 Premium Dash Cam (WiFi)

      The Ultimate Dash Cam That Sees Everything

      Secure360 is the connected 360 degree dash cam that captures everything going on in and around your vehicle, all the time, even when parked.

      With an intuitive 360º, 7 element all glass lens, the Secure360 sees all. View in an immersive 360º video or split screen of both the front view and vehicle interior. Access video recordings via smartphone and upload to the Waylens Cloud storage for safe keeping. The Secure360 features state-of-the-art sensors including Doppler radar and an accelerometer to detect movement to automatically begin recording in case of a vehicle break-in or a collision when left unattended.

      Even some of the best dash cams can drain your vehicle battery quickly when hard wired for parking protection mode, not the Secure360. Utilising advanced Smart Power Management and low power consumption of the internal sensors, the Secure360 will operate for up to 360 hours (15 days) in parking mode without draining your vehicles battery. The combined Sony image sensor along with an Ambarella CPU, provide crystal clear and sharp Full HD video.

      The Ultimate Car Security Camera That Sees Everything

      Secure360 is the connected 360-degree dash camera that captures everything going on in and around your vehicle, all the time, even when parked.

      Rest Easy with Total CoverageSecure360 is a total car security solution that blends multiple sensing technologies to see trouble, anticipate risks and capture events whether you’re in the car or away from it for an extended period of time.

      Witness Everything: 360° Video
      Whether a bump in a parking lot or collision during your commute, the Secure360's interior and exterior views eliminate confusion about what happened.

      Always Alert: 360 Hours of Operation
      Internal radar, GPS, and 3-axis accelerometer work together, staying alert to unusual events for an unprecedented 360 hours without draining your battery.

      Sleep with one eye open: 360 Protection
      The Secure360's low-power design allows the Secure360 to sleep with one eye open, sensing motion and impact even when you aren’t near your car.

      Hold Peace-of-Mind in the Palm of Your Hand

      The Waylens Secure App puts you in control. Access video data. Add highlights. Upload video the the cloud. Choose from multiple viewing modes or video evidence to see the full story. You can watch the 360° video in the immersive panoramic view or by splitting it in half and half, showing the inside and outside of the car.

      Intelligent Design That Does the Thinking for You

      The Secure360 packs amazing technology into a beautiful low-profile design.

      • 360-DEGREE VISION:
        Single lens provides a truly seamless 360-degree view in and around your car
      • HDR:
        Advanced HDR engine with multi-exposure fusion and motion artifact reduction provide crystal clear video
        IR LEDs help the Secure360 see in low light conditions, even in the dark
        High-performance Ambarella camera processor manages an abundance of visual data, providing sharp and clear video
        Fusion of radar, 3-axis accelerometer, and GPS provide intelligent event detection for your parked vehicle
        Low-power sensors sleep with one eye open, protecting an unattended vehicle for an unprecedented 360 hours or 15 days
        The deliberate absence of a battery in the camera body and a novel spiral architecture optimizes heat dissipation to perform under extreme conditions

      Included in the Box:

      • 1 Secure360 Dashcam
      • Mount Plate w/ 3M Adhesive
      • Direct Wire Power Connection
      • 1 Quickstart Guide/Terms of Service


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  • Is it correct that the Waylens Secure 360 4G won't work in Australia?

    Yes, the Waylens Secure 360 Dash Cam (4G) version will not work in Australia as it is manufactured for American networks.

    Only the Secure 360 WiFi version is available in Australia.

  • Can the Waylens Secure360 Dash Cam cover front, rear and sides?

    The Waylens Secure360 Dash Cam offers 360 degree coverage - Front, Rear & Sides.