Lukas K900QD-2CH-32 2K Full HD 1080P Dual Camera Dash Cam

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  • Product Description

      Lukas K900QD-2CH-32 2K Full HD 1080P Dual Camera Dash Cam

      The K900QD 2 Channel Dash Cam with its Slim Design provides you with QHD 2560x1440 quality front recording and FHD 1080p quality rear camera recording and a 3.5" Touch screen. It comes standard with 32GB SD card and permanent hard wire kit that allows you to have day and night, driving and parking mode recording to give you total Peace of Mind. The GPS that is inbuilt plus Wi-Fi and ADAS ( Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) just adds to the list of features of the K900QD-2CH. With its low profile design, 2K front Camera and 3.5" monitor the LUKAS K900QD-2ch gives the driver such ease of use and can allow visual and audio aids when driving and using the ADAS. It has a low profile designs.  As with all the Lukas and QVIA dash cams, it is designed, engineered and produced in Korea to the highest levels to ensure it meets your expectations.


      Dual Camera
      The Lukas K900QD-2CH dashboard camera has Front QHD 2K and rear camera FHD  recording at 1440p and 1080P, using  SONY STARVIS Image sensor 5.48MP for Front and 2.1Megapixel Sony EXMOR Image Sensor for rear. The LUKAS K900QD-2CH dash cam comes with wide 120 viewing angle for the front and 125 angles for the rear. Along with your Wide Dynamic Range WDR and Night Vision Technology ensures you capture the highest quality videos day or night, Driving or parked.

      Touchscreen Monitor
      The Lukas K900QD-2CH comes with a 3.5" LCD TOUCHSCREEN that can allow you to select and view either or both cameras at the same time, adjust setting via the easy to use touchscreen, split the screen to show camera image and driving information such as current driving speed and also include ADAS safety driving warnings.

      Ambrella Chip
      The CPU used for the Lukas K900QD-2CH is industry leading AMBRELLA A12 chipset to give you top level performance and reliable years of operation.

      Advanced Driver Assist System is included in the LUKAS K900QD-2CH.  LDWS Lane Departure warning system, FCWS Front Collision warning system, FCMD Front Car moving Detection. These features require simple calibration process for you set up for you vehicle. All are programmable ON and OFF.

      Parking Mode
      All the Lukas dash cams come standard with permanent power kit. Parking Mode Recording feature of the Lukas K900QD-2CH to record files even if you parked. The Lukas K900QD-2Ch can detect Motion and Impact when parked and will keep a 30 second file of the event. It will record the 10 seconds before the event and 20 seconds after the impact. You can change the sensitivity of these setting any time to suite your needs

      Wi-Fi- the Inbuilt Wi-Fi of the Lukas K900QD-2CH allows you to connect your Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone directly to your dash cam via the QVIA APP. This allows you to view and download files, change settings and more without having to take out the Micro SD card

      This feature is inbuilt in to the product design, no extra attachments or cables required. The GPS can provide you with location and speed information recorded directly to your micro SD card.

      Micro SD Card
      The Lukas K900QD-2CH dash cam comes standard with 32GB Micro Sd card. You can use up to 512GB micro SD card to massively increase the number of hours you can record before the recording starts to loop. Its format free technology extends the lifespan of your memory card and provides a more secure recording process.

      Recording Modes
      The Lukas K900QD-2CH will allocate your files into modes.   ALWAYS- Standard driving it will record in 3-minute videos. EVENT- Records before and after impact is detected for 30 seconds in total, 10 sec prior and 20 sec after impact. MANUAL- Records when the ‘M’ button is pressed. Records for 30 seconds both front and rear. MOTION DETECTION RECORDING- Records when motion is detected during parking mode. Records for 30 seconds both front and rear. TIME LAPSE – Captures one per second during parking. Allows more recording files during parking.For more information check out the information on this page or Contact us for so we can answer any of your questions

      Heat Resistance
      Lukas dash cams are designed and engineered to withstand the High Heat temperatures for operation and recording within your vehicles environment.


            • K900QD 2K Front Dash Cam 1440P QHD
            • K900QD Rear Dash Cam 1080P Full HD
            • SONY STARVIS Sensor 5.48M Pixels for Front camera
            • SONY EXMOR Sensor 2.1M Pixels for rear camera
            • Ambrella A12 Chipset
            • NightVision and WDR technology
            • 3.5" Dual Image Touchcreen
            • GPS Inbuilt
            • Genuine built in Dash Cam design.
            • Wifi Inbuilt with QVIA APP for Android and Apple smartphone
            • ADAS
            • Park Mode Recording
            • Permanent Power harness
            • Low Voltage cut off function
            • 32GB SD Card (Max 512GB)
            • QVIA Playback viewing software PC and Mac
            • Format Free Technology
            • Built-in Supercapacitor
            • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
            What's in the Box?
              1 x K900QD Front Dash Cam Main Unit
              1 x K900QD Rear Camera
              1 x 7 Metre Cable Connection For Rear To Front Camera
              1 x Hardwire Permanent Power Kit
              1 x 32GB Micro SD Card
              1 x Front Camera Mount Bracket
              2 x Adhesive Pads For Cameras
              1 x User Manual


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