iRoad TX9 Dash Cam

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      iRoad TX9 Dash Cam

      With the emergence of the iROad TX9, it is time to leave the realms of FHD behind. The iRoad TX9 Dash Cam can record front and rear channels with 3072 X 1728 (3K) in the front and 1920 X 1080 (FHD) in the rear. The TX9 Dash Cam records crystal clear images and sets a new standard for quality. It features a Sony Starvis IMX326 sensor which gives results in clear footage in all lighting conditions. This fully featured Dash Cam is packed with features for the discerning Dash Cam buyer.

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      Sony STARVIS

      IROAD TX9 is equipped with Sony Starvis image sensor (6.0M) to record the brightest and the cleanest images even in low light environments; it provides a much brighter and clearer image than seeing with bare eyes.


      Intelligent Night Vision. In parking mode, the surrounding brightness is automatically diagnosed within 5 seconds and the recording brightness will be set to 3 times higher when the surrounding illumination is low. It can record bright and clear images not only in parking mode but also in driving mode.

      Wide View

      It can record previously-blind spots with the 150° front and rear camera. See the clear QHD image with a wider view angle!

      ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

      - Lane Departure Warning Sstem

      - Forward Collision Warning System

      - Front Vehicle Departure Warning


      Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD application and regularly check whether it is updated with the latest version. The most convenient Wi-Fi function which IROAD has to offer, patent obtained. Wi-Fi function for other existing in-car cameras is rather give users a real hassle and is hard to connect. IROAD App provides automatic connection/disconnection function

      Format Free & Data Recovery

      Adopted format free technology and manipulation prevention technology. JDR format free recording way that records every second not as usual as 30sec or 1min can be defragmented to minimize possibility of fragmentations. No necessarily need to format and it brings increase of lifespan of MicroSD card.


      Supports large capacity memory of up to 256GB. A genuine 64GB IROAD Card comes included however any larger cards can be used without voiding the warranty, but must be MLC CLASS 10. Applying the format and recording systems in order to support large memory of up to 256GB, you can store plenty of high quality images for a longer time.

      IPS Panel

      3.5″ IPS Full Touch LCD. IPS panel, which is more than twice as good as general TFT panel, boasts high specs and always maintaining sharpness.

      Security LED

      Dynamic Security LED. It can be used as a warning security light when in parking mode,and it operates with three dynamic flashings.

      All Glass

      More Stable at Higher Temperature. Equipped with All Glass lens, that will not warp under high or low temperature. Optimized image quality is presented with All Glass lens. 


      Battery Discharge Prevention Function. Automatically detects and cuts off power when the voltage drops below a certain point. LBP reduces the risk of discharge and enables parking mode.

      2.9W Minimum Electricty Consumption

      Power consumption is half that of other products with usage circuit and heat dissipation. Allows for long-time recording of dash camera with low battery consumption.

      Voice Guidance & Recording

      You will hear such things as Start recording, event occurred, wifi connected etc. from the voice guidance that inform you each time something changes. The high quality microphone is embedded in the device and it is useful as an evidence for an accident.

      PC Viewer Dedicated

      Front and Rear images playback, Image zoom in, Night recording calibration, Depicting traffic lane, Converting recorded files, and Various system configurations.

      External GPS

      Synched with google map, the external GPS keeps track of traveling speed,records driving information and supports ADAS function.

      Automatic Rebooting Function

      Automatically reboot device at the specified time.It will check for memory card errors and organize the recorded data.

      Automatic Smartphone Update

      Firmware, viewer and application can be updated through the server.Check the version by connecting to the smartphone via Wi-Fi,check for new firmware and update it.

      Micro SD Card

      Comes With 64Gb iRoad Memory Card


      • 3K QHD & FHD 2CH
      • X-VISION
      • SONY STARVIS Image Sensor
      • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (LDWS, FCWS, FVDW)
      • 150° Wide Angle
      • Wi-Fi Function
      • Prevent Battery Discharge
      • Format Free (Auto recovery system)
      • The minimum electricity consumption (2.9W / 2CH basis)

      What's in the Box?

      • Front Camera
      • Front Cradle
      • Rear Camera+Cradle  
      • Genuine Micro SD 64GB
      • Uninterrupted Fuse Cable  
      • Rear Camera Cable
      • User Manual  
      • Double-sided Tape(Spare)
      • Wi-Fi Dongle

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