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Blackvue DR450 Dash Cam


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Blackvue DR450 Dash Cam

The Blackvue DR450 Series is all about simplicity and reliability. The DR450 is a single channel dash cam that packs Full HD video recording in a small form factor. It comes in 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb variants. With its compact design, the DR450 is almost invisible to the driver’s eye, letting you focus on the road, knowing that you are protected. The full matte black body blends into any vehicle’s interior with discretion and the lockable microSD card slot provides additional protection against data tempering. If you want the best quality dash camera on a budget then the DR450 from Blackvue is perfect.

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Blackvue DR450-1CH Dash Cam Specification

Model name- DR450-1CH
Camera- 2.4 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor
Resolution- Full HD 1920 x 1080@30fps
Angle of view- 120°(D), 98°(H), 55°(V)
GPS – Optional (Sold Seperately)
Security LED – Yes
Memory – up to 128GB
SD Card Lock – Tamper-proof locking system
Compression Mode- MP4
Mic – Yes (On/Off function protects your privacy)
Speaker – Yes
3-axis Acceleration sensor – Yes
Back-up Battery – Built in Super Capacitor
Software – Windows, Mac OS
Application – Android
Recording Mode – Normal Mode, Event Mode(3-axis), Parking Mode(Motion+3-axis)
Input Power – DC 12V~24V
Operation Temp.- -20℃~60℃
Power Consumption – Max.2.4W
Colour – Black
Weight – 64g
Size – L115mm x D34mm

Blackvue DR450-1CH Dash Cam - What's in the box?

BlackVue DR450-1CH Camera
Quick release windscreen mount
12/24v in car power lead
Micro SD card
Micro SD to USB key ring Adaptor
Cable clips

Blackvue DR450-1CH - Whats In The Box?

Blackvue Dash Cam - Now With 2 Year Warranty


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Questions & Answers

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  • It makes sense to purchase two single dash cameras rather than a dual camera, for better clarity with the rear camera, and no price disadvantage? What am I missing? Thanks,

    You could certainly purchase two single dash cameras rather than a dual dash camera system however you would need to route a power source to both cameras rather than one. With a dual dash camera system everything is fully integrated. The software, the cabling and of course the power only needs to be wired to the front dash camera. You are certainly not missing anything but we would highly recommend that you install a dual camera dash camera system rather than using two single camera versions for ease of use.

  • I have a film on my windscreen (with little dots on it) behind my rear view mirror, where I was going to place my dash cam. Will these interfere with the camera clarity? I understand most card have this film, what do other customers do? Thanks,

    The Blackvue Dash Camera range comes with a strong 3M adhesive pad and it can adhere to straight glass or the orange peel texture (the little dots you mention) near your rear vision mirror. Most cars have this film on them and there is no advantage or disadvantage to sticking your Blackvue Dash Camera to this surface or a plain glass surface. It just comes down to personal preference as to where you want your Blackvue Dash Camera positioned.