Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack For Dash Cams

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  • Product Description

      Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack For Dash Cams

      Add Extra Power To Your Existing NEO Battery Pack!

      With dash cams becoming more common, it’s much more apparent that we need a new way to power these cameras. If you leave your car parked for long durations and want even more protection from hit and runs, the Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack is perfect for you!

      The Cellink NEO is the latest in dash cam battery packs with an integrated smartphone app that lets you quickly see the battery percentage as well as power draw. Even so, some may feel they need more power, which is where the Extended Battery Pack comes in. This unit acts as an expansion pack, providing more run time to dash cam's from a full charge of both the NEO and the Extended Battery. With a single Extended Battery added to a Cellink NEO unit, the system is able to power most single channel dash cams for 56 hours (up to 50 hours for the DR900S-1CH) of parking mode recording, while 2-channel dash cams can expect around 40 hours (up to 30 hours for the DR900S-2CH) of parking mode recording. Multiple Extended Battery Packs can be chained together to create a system that can last for as long as you desire! Do note that every unit added on means that much more time will be needed to reach a full charge!

      With an integrated smartphone app and through a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, quickly see the battery percentage as well as power draw. There’s no need to look at the battery once it’s installed making it effortless to use. This app is available on both the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store.The NEO features bluetooth technology, when paired with the app that’s available on iOS App Stores as well as the Google Play Store it’s super easy to see the read outs. The App itself gives out plenty of useful information. Overall Battery percentage, whether the unit is charging or discharging, how long it can power the camera for as well as how long it’ll take to fully charge. With these useful new features and extended battery times, it makes it easy to recommend the NEO as the ultimate solution for powering your Dash cam.

      A Fully charged NEO (no Extended Battery) can run a 1 channel camera for about 45 hours (up to 25 hours for the DR900S-1CH) while a dual channel system will last about 25 hours (up to 15 hours for the DR900S-1CH). Having one Extended Battery Pack attached can double these numbers. The Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack differs from the base system by having a boosted, integrated 84.5 Wh capacity which explains why adding it on will more than double the overall performance.

      NOTE - This Extended Battery Pack is an addition to the Cellink NEO Battery pack. It will not work without one.

      • BATTERY CAPACITY - 84.5 Wh
      • CHARGING TIME - 60 min (9A Hardwire) | 1 hr 40 min (5A Cigarette Plug)
      • CHARGING VOLTAGE / CURRENT - 14.6V / 5Ah
      • BLUETOOTH - Built-In
      • LED - Built-In
      • SPEAKER - Built-In
      • DIMENSIONS - 150mm X 170mm x 38mm
      • WEIGHT - 1.3Kg
      • OPERATING TEMPERATURE - -10°C - 65°C (14°F - 149°F)
      • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN - South Korea
      • WARRANTY - 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


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