Cellink NEO Battery Pack For Dash Cams


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      Cellink NEO Battery Pack For Dash Cams

      The Cellink NEO is an all new dash cam battery pack with an integrated smartphone app that lets you quickly see the battery percentage as well as power draw. There’s no need to look at the battery once it’s installed making it a lot simpler to use! Powered by LiFePO4 ( Lithium Iron Phosphate ) this power pack is designed with dash cams in mind. Able to provide up to 45 hours of continuous power to your camera with a quick 45 minute charge this battery is something you can rely on.

      The NEO features Bluetooth technology, when paired with the app that’s available on iOS App Stores as well as the Google Play Store it’s super easy to see the read outs. The App itself gives out plenty of useful information. Overall Battery percentage, whether the unit is charging or discharging, how long it can power the camera for as well as how long it’ll take to fully charge. With these useful new features and extended battery times, it makes it easy to recommend the NEO as the ultimate solution for powering your Dash cam.

      The Cellink is built with the safest battery technology using LiFePO4 (lLithium Iron Phosphate) which will keep your dashcam running for long hours in parking mode with just 40 minutes of charging. To power dashcams for parking mode is a challenging problem where mobile power is needed. Even though car battery has much higher capacity than Cellink battery, it is not designed for routine deep discharge cycles while car is parked hence its performance may deteriorate and life is shortened prematurely over time. Cellink NEO comes with Bluetooth built-in and compatible with iOS and Android smartphone so that you can check the charging and usage time easily. Supply up to 48 hours of power during parking mode with only 40 minutes of charging time. NEO is definitely faster and smarter! The system works by charging a high quality lithium-ion battery when your car is running. When your car is turned off, the charged battery is then used to provide continuous 12V power to your dash camera without the need to drain any power from your car's battery. This process is very effective in minimising the risk of battery discharge, low voltage warnings and flat batteries.

      - Replaces Old Cellink-B Battery Pack - New 2018 Model
      - Ideal Accessory For Blackvue Dash Cameras
      - Works With All Brands Of Dash Camera

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  • Hi, What is in this package, include output hardwire cable? Because, I hardwire my dash cam. I have no cigarette lighter power supply. Thanks.

    The Cellink Battery B is the best battery pack we offer for managing parking mode functions. The Cellink Battery is an excellent alternative to traditional hardwiring kits as they provide a much longer source of power for your dash cam, and puts less strain on your car’s battery. Cellink Batteries look quite large in their product pictures but they are about the length and width of an iPad and about ⅓ the height of a tissue box. This means that the Cellink is the perfect size to go underneath a car-seat or into the glovebox. A Cellink Battery B can be hardwired into an ignition switched fuse in your car or plugged into one of your car’s cigarette sockets to charge itself. A Cellink battery takes around 1 hour to 1.5 hours to fully charge but can provide around 20-30 hours of parking mode recording once it is charged. Once your car is switched off the Cellink will jump in and provide the charge that it has been building up to your dash cam, letting your car’s battery rest and prolonging its life; this way, you will get power for parking mode recording without ever draining your vehicle’s battery.

  • Have you got the Cellink Neo in stock and what is in the box?

    Yes, the Cellink NEO is in stock ready for overnight shipment. It comes with everything you need for a hardwire or cigarette socket connection. There's nothing else you need to buy!