Smart Baby Monitor Buyers Guide 2018

Posted on January 03 2018

Smart Baby Monitor Buyers Guide 2018-Linelink Online

Smart Baby Monitor Buyers Guide 2018

If you are looking for a full high definition WiFi Smart Baby Monitor that works with an Apple iPhone or Android app, then iBaby can be a serious choice to make your life easier and give you absolute peace of mind. With full high definition cameras and a wide variety of exciting and innovative features, iBaby is a real game changer to traditional analogue Baby Monitors. With a beautiful style design often seen in Apple products the iBaby Smart Baby Monitor range really is a great addition to your nursery or child's room.

Watch your child remotely on your smartphone with a Smart Baby Monitor

So what benefits do I get from using a Smart Baby Monitor?

Heading out for dinner and want to keep a watchful eye over your sleeping child? With your Apple iPhone or Android phone you can watch your child or simply say 'good night' from the easy to use iBaby App.

Have friends or family interstate or overseas? Simply give them access and they too can login and watch or interact with your child remotely. With a Smart Baby Monitor like the iBaby keeping family connected is easy.

These days our homes are 'connected' and this means the old analogue DECT style Baby Monitors do struggle. But with a Smart Baby Monitor like the iBaby M6T or M7 that utilises WiFi, the Internet and your Smart Phone or Tablet for communication you are never more than a click or a tap away from your baby.

Is your baby's room too hot? Is it too humid? Does my baby's nappy need changing? These questions can be answered by a Smart Baby Monitor like the iBaby M7 which has a raft of inbuilt intelligent sensors that answer these questions for you. In fact, the iBaby M7 will alert you via the iBaby App or any event that you should be aware of.

Worried about where to mount your Smart Baby Monitor? The iBaby range of Smart Baby Monitors has an optional wall mount kit that allows the Smart Baby Monitor to be mounted virtually anywhere. Mount to a wall, table, chest of drawers, bed head or cot.

At night you can see your sleeping child clearly with Smart Baby Monitors. The iBaby M7 or M6T all feature night vision which ensures you have peace of mind right through the night.

Most homes today have dual band routers so you need a Smart Baby Monitor that has the capability to take advantage of these higher data pathways. Smart Baby Monitors like the iBaby M7 have this feature to ensure that you and your child are always connected 24 X 7.

Smart Baby Monitors have the ability to send you alerts when a noise is detected. So if your child is sleeping and wakes your Smart Baby Monitor will alert you. Again, you have peace of mind that your child is being monitored and it allows you to be more functional.

Smart Baby Monitors do not incur any additional cost over and above standard analogue Baby Monitors. Just ensure that your mobile telephone plan has a sufficient data allowance so that when you are not in the home environment you are not exceeding data download limits.

There are many Smart Baby Monitor options available however the iBaby range clearly stands ahead of the rest with advanced features and great support. The iBaby range of Smart Baby Monitors including the newly released iBaby M7 is available in Australia through Linelink Online.

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