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Open Your Garage Door With Your Smartphone From Anywhere In The World

Posted on 11 October 2016

Open, close and monitor your garage door - from ANYWHERE in the world using your smartphone. Sound futuristic? No, this can be done easily now with the GoGoGate 2 device. The GoGoGate 2 is a simpler, smarter and better way to remotely open, close and monitor your garage door or gate from a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Driven away from home and forgot to close the garage door? Have someone delivering a package and want to open the garage door for them? Locked the family pet in the garage accidentally? All of these problems and more can be resolved with the GoGoGate 2 device.
  • Open, close and monitor your garage door - from ANYWHERE using your smartphone.
  • Get phone or email notifications when your door is open, closed or left open!
  • See in real time what happens with the video plugin.
  • Open and close the door from the other side of the globe.
  • Share and control the access to your garage with a single tap.
  • Multiplatform - Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Smart Watch.
  • Your garage door - simpler, smarter, better.
  • App available on Google Play and the Apple App Store now.
  • Optional sensors for garage doors and gates give up to the minute information.

The amazing new GoGoGate 2 device is available in Australia from Linelink Online. There's never been a better time to smarten up your garage door or gate and bring them into the connected home era.

Open Your Garage Door From Anywhere Using Your Smartphone Infographic


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