What's The Difference Between iSmartGate And GoGoGate 2

Posted on May 26 2019

What's The Difference Between iSmartGate And GoGoGate 2-Linelink Online

What's The Difference Between iSmartGate And GoGoGate 2

We often get asked the question, "What's the difference between the iSmartGate and GoGoGate smart garage door openers?". We aim to answer this question in this article by spelling out the differences for you.

Both products are manufactured by Remsol with iSmartGate being the newly released product (May 2019) and GoGoGate being the product that has been on the market for several years.

The iSmartGate is the most advanced garage and gate controller from Remsol. It has unbeatable features and full compatibility with any Smart home environment.

GoGoGate 2 is a very competitive solution to control your Smart garage or gate at a competitive price. After 4 years, it is still better than most of its rivals. It is ell priced and it simply works.

Smart Home Compatible?

iSmartGate - Native HomeKit and Google Assistant. Amazon through IFTTT.

GoGoGate 2 - Voice commands through IFTTT (Google & Amazon only).

IFFT Channel?

iSMartGate - Includes both triggers and actions for full automation of your garage or gate.

GoGoGate 2 - Only includes actions (open door/close door) with limited use with other products / services.

Wireless Sensor?

iSmartGate - New wireless sensor for garage and gates.

GoGoGate 2 - Wireless sensor for garage. Wired sensor for gate.

Waterproof Sensors?

iSmartGate - All available sensors are waterproof.

GoGoGate 2 - Only wired sensor for gate is waterproof.

Adapted Operational Button?

iSmartGate - Slide up-down to control the garage. Slide sideways to control the gate.

GoGoGate 2 - Only up-down button available.

Doors In The Screen?

iSmartgate - Controls up to 3 doors in the same app screen.

GoGoGate 2 - Controls ONLY 1 door with the same app screen.

Custom Garage / Gate Picture?

iSmartGate - You can upload a picture of your garage or gate when opened and another when closed.

GoGoGate 2 - Standard pre-defined picture of garage.

Audio Player?

iSmartGate - You can upload a song to play when door opens and another when door closes.

GoGoGate 2 - Not Available.

Garage Obstruction Detection?

iSmartGate - Garage obstruction detection with Homekit.

GoGoGate 2 - Not Available.

Buy iSmartgate

Buy GoGoGate

Hopefully this article has helped you decide which variant is best for your needs.. Ultimately, the iSmartgate is the newly released version but for many people the simplicity of the GoGoGate is all they need. The team at Linelink Online are here to help you so if you are still undecided then please CONTACT US for more advice.

If you've decided that the iSmartgate range is right for you then you might be wondering what model of the iSmartgate range is best for your needs. Again, we can help you work out whether you need the PRO or LITE versions by using this guide - What's The Difference Between iSmartgate PRO and iSmartgate Lite?


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