Best Dashcam For UBER Drivers In Australia 2018 With Discount Coupon

Posted on January 01 2018

Best Dashcam For UBER Drivers In Australia 2018 With Discount Coupon

Here is our pick for the best dash camera in 2018 for Uber drivers. Ride sharing services are becoming increasingly popular, which is great for anyone looking to generate additional income. But before you sign yourself up to be an Uber driver, it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools and the right insurance for the job.

Dash cameras or “taxi cams”are common tools for Uber drivers, both for the sake of their car (in case of an accident) and for the sake of their rating. The internet is full of stories of uncontrollable passengers, bad rides, and near-accidents. But with the right dash cam, most of those dangers can be avoided.

Top Dash Cam Features For Uber Drivers

In normal circumstances, you’d be fine with a basic dash cam that shoots in HD. But for Uber drivers, there are a couple of things to consider before buying a dash camera. It’s best to get a camera that comes with two (or more) lenses, so you can record the road in front of you, and what’s going on inside the car, at the same time. That way, you’ll be able to keep track of everything that’s happening, and if something goes wrong you’ll have solid evidence of what happened.

A discreet camera is also a good idea. Some passengers might not be comfortable with a large, clunky looking camera sitting on your dash. With a small, or generally unnoticeable camera, they’ll feel more at ease. Always remember it is a good idea to tell your passengers verbally or with a posted notice that you have a cameras that records in and out of the car and this can also help to influence their behavior in a positive manner.

No matter what, though, you need a wild field of view, both in front of you and inside the car. A cheaper, narrower, camera can easily miss things that are happening beside or inside the car, which renders the camera pointless.

The Best Dash Cam For Uber

Our top pick for Uber drivers is the Blackvue DR-650S-2CH IR (IR illuminators).

The Blackvue DR-650S-2CH IR is an alternative to Blackvue's flagship dual channel dashcam, the standard DR-650S-2CH. The front camera is identical to the standard model and offers the same discreet all-black design and Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor for excellent night time video recording. The rear / secondary unit is where the IR model differs from the standard DR-650S-2CH. The rear unit still records at 720P HD just like the standard rear camera but is equipped with true infrared lighting for the best interior view. This makes it an ideal choice for a number of applications such as ride sharing, taxis or any other situation where monitoring the interior is important. 

All IR versions of the Blackvue DR-650S-2CH IR support Blackvue Over the Cloud connectivity which allows access to the device from anywhere in the world if the dashcam is paired to the internet via a data hotspot. It's the perfect tool for managing fleet vehicles as you can track the location, speed, and video files from the comfort of your office or home. 

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