The Best Dash Cam For Taxi Drivers

Posted on August 18 2017

The Best Dash Cam For Taxi Drivers

The Best Dash Cam For Taxi Drivers

Your humble Taxi travels thousands of kilometers each year and they are probably the most prevalent type of vehicle on our roads. Given that there are so many Taxi's on our roads they are inherently going to be involved in many more accidents than any other type of vehicle. So what can Taxi Drivers use to protect themselves in the event of an accident occurring? A Dash Cam, although more precisely - a Blackvue Dash Cam.

A Dash Cam To Protect Taxi Drivers

Taxi Drivers - Protect Yourself!

Whilst most Taxi Cabs throughout Australia have internal CCTV (films the inside of the cabin) there is nothing to protect the Taxi Driver from external elements. All too often the poor Taxi Driver gets the blame in a collision but wouldn't it be nice to have crisp clear footage showing that you did the right thing? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to show this footage in a court proceeding to show that you were not at fault? Wouldn't it be nice to show that you did not run a red light or a stop sign? These are just some of the benefits that a Blackvue Dash Cam can offer a Taxi Driver.

Taxi Drivers - Avoid Court & Fines - Get A Dash Cam!

Police Highway Patrol Vehicle

If you own a fleet of Taxi's then you can also remotely monitor your fleet using the Blackvue Cloud View which allows you to see the vision from the Taxi, monitor its location and movements and also see the speed it is traveling at. Wouldn't it be nice to have that peace of mind that your investment can be monitored 24/7 using a PC, a Mac or an IOS or Apple App? These are just some of the great benefits that Taxi Drivers and Taxi Fleet Operators can take advantage of with Blackvue Dash Cameras.

Watch Your Taxi Remotely From ANYWHERE!

Blackvue Cloud Viewer Screen Shot

Linelink Online is Australia's only specialist Blackvue Dealer and we carry the complete range including the DR450, the DR490L-2CH, and the DR650S. Notably, the DR650S series of the Blackvue Dash Camera also comes in a Dual Channel DR650S-2CH (Front / Back Cameras) version. For a small additional cost, you can record in front and behind your Taxi Cab giving you premium video footage at the front and back of your car. We also carry the complete range of accessories including Blackvue Memory Cards, Hard Wiring Kits and Battery Power Solutions. We are the one stop shop when it comes to Blackvue in Australia.

Linelink Online also supports Uber Drivers with the DR650S-2CH IR Model. This model has an outward facing camera and an inward facing camera with IR illuminators to record activity inside the cabin of the vehicle. This affords Uber Drivers and their passengers the same protection that conventional Taxi Drivers have with their internal CCTV. It also affords them the same protection of having a outward facing camera to protect them from external elements and again shows speed, location and so much more. Find out more by reading our article titled, The Best Dash Cam For Uber Drivers.

Blackvue Dash Cams Are Tax Deductible!

Dash Cameras Are Tax Deductible

Did you know that the purchase of a Dash Camera is also Tax Deductible? If you are using your Blackvue Dash Camera in your Taxi Cab or in an Uber Vehicle then it is being used as a tool of your trade so you can use the Tax Invoice that we supply to claim as a business expense or in your end of Financial Year Tax Return. Of course, everyone's circumstances are different so we advise that you speak to your accountant for sound financial advice.

Linelink Online are the experts when it comes to Blackvue Dash Cams so whether you want advice or if you are ready to purchase you can contact us by clicking here and we'll email you an Information Pack.

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  • Jeffrey Saunders: March 02, 2018

    I have 20 vehicles some taxis and some fleet. I am interested in providing extra protection for drivers and myself.

    In the last 12 months I have had drivers attacked with knives and guns from inside and outside the vehicle.

    I have had accidents where the other car is at fault but not blamed.

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