5 Reasons You Should Start Using A Dash Cam

Posted on September 24 2017

5 Reasons You Should Start Using A Dash Cam

Having a dash camera in your car has many different benefits and can actually save you from bad drivers and provide circumstantial evidence in the event of a car accident. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Most modern dash cameras start at $100, however, quality matters and in terms of quality for the price, the Blackvue Dash Cam is simply the best on the market, providing a very affordable dash cam with superior video quality.

When it comes to buying a dash camera (and investing in your car’s and your own safety and security) choosing the right dash cam is sometimes a costly and long process. Luckily for you, we’re here to help - let’s go over the top 5 situations where it’s simply paramount to own a dash camera.

How to pick the right dash camera

5. You are an Uber / Taxi Driver

Being an Uber or Taxi driver can be difficult at times, especially when you are picking up a drunk or extremely rude passengers. And with the recent spike of media stories of falsely accused ridesharing drivers, having a dash camera can protect you from false allegations and protect your rights by providing consistent video evidence.

Recently, there has been a surge of Uber drivers buying a Blackvue Dash Cam for their vehicle and share their experiences on Youtube (which often makes for some very entertaining videos of their crazy daily work life, but also often showcases the insane stuff some passengers try to pull off). A driver by the name of “Ryan Is Driving” has gained quite a bit of exposure by using a dash cam to not only protect himself in several cases but to record his adventures and “crazy” memories that he has driving Uber. Ryan has accumulated over 100k subscribers on Youtube along with several other partnered drivers willing to partake in the project.

TLDR: If you are interested in driving for any ride-sharing app, before you set out, protect yourself and your car and buy a good dashcam (we recommend the #1 Australian Dash Cam dealer LineLink Online  as a reliable online dash camera retailer.)


4. You have Evidence For A Car Accident

Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and often you won’t even see it coming. The best way to protect yourself against being falsely blamed for an accident that you were not at fault at is definitely concrete video proof recorded on your dash cam.

We all know insurance rates are crazy high and insurance brokers, as well as state companies, usually do their best to pin the blame on the first driver accused and put drivers at fault 90% of the time, however, when you have evidence of the accident - you can keep from paying premium insurance rate and have any excess payments refunded. With Blackvue dash cam, a small compact camera with full HD video in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants, you will be able to record pretty much anything automatically and protect yourself against accidents that weren’t your fault and save your hard-earned money from falling into the hands of pesky insurance companies when they have absolutely no claim to it.

If the accident leads to court, you have irrefutable evidence of the event. Keeping you safe of any false allegations and “at fault beyond reasonable doubt” settlements.


3. Undeniable Proof Against Bad Drivers

Have you ever seen a terrible driver and wished you could record them and report them to the local roads corporation or police force? Aggressive driving can turn into a deadly act. Roughly 13,000 deaths occur due to aggressive driving and have risen by 400% since the 90s. If you think that is bad, smartphones are more likely to cause a car crash than drunk driving, responsible for 24,000 injuries per year and 900 deaths according to autoinsurance.org.

With a dash cam, you will be able to protect yourself and potentially others against careless and reckless driving. The number of ‘Vigilante’ Dash Cam police reports has risen and police have found it quite useful to watch the footage that is uploaded to Youtube and take appropriate action against bad drivers. Irresponsible drivers are very annoying and destructive on the road while putting others lives at risk. Reporting bad behavior, especially with the HD crystal clear, pixel perfect video proof of a dash cam, you won’t need an eyewitness to testify, and help the roads become less dangerous.


2. Getting Out Of A Ticket

Let’s face it, the police are only human - and humans are pretty prone to making all sorts of crazy mistakes on sheer accident. Maybe they’re having a bad day, or maybe that 60Kph looked like 110Kph all of a sudden - either way you suddenly find yourself being written up a nice little fine along with a penalty on your driving record. That doesn’t sound too good does it? Sadly, in modern times - many courts will give the police the benefit of the doubt even if the police don’t show any circumstantial evidence of the offence as long as it is testified to by a member of the police force present when traffic offence was observed. How can you possibly get out of paying the fine and having your squeaky-clean driving record ruined? If you have a dash cam installed, you can either show the officer or use it in the court of law. Simple as that, and to make it even better, many dash-cams such as the Blackvue dash camera have GPS tracked speed monitoring installed - which is now commonly recognized as factual evidence by courts all over the world.


1. Makes You A Better Driver

Having a dash cam could potentially make you a better driver. The fact that you have something recording and fixed into your car puts you in the position of having to consider that this same “circumstantial evidence” can just as easily be used against you. This means that statistically speaking, people will then drive a lot more carefully as in the event of a car wreck, the responding officer will legally note that your vehicle had an operating dash-cam that can and will be requested as evidence in court (though, hopefully, it doesn’t come to that.)

If you are interested in buying a dash cam, we recommend the #1 Australian Dash Cam dealer LineLink Online as a reliable online dash camera retailers.

7 Reasons You Should Own A Dash Cam



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