10 Reasons Why You Should Install GPS Tracking In Your Vehicle

Posted on March 08 2018

10 Reasons Why You Should Install GPS Tracking In Your Vehicle

10 Reasons Why You Should Install GPS Tracking In Your Vehicle

Whether you are a business owner with a fleet of vehicles or a private individual with vehicles you want to track there are many reasons why you should install a 3G GPS vehicle tracking device. In this article we look at 10 reasons why you should install a GPS tracking device in your vehicle(s).

1 - Monitor Your Loved Ones

Picture this, your 18 year old son gets his Drivers Licence and you want to monitor where he is and what his driving behaviors are like. With the Tracker One GPS device you can have complete peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are, where they have been and monitor their driving.

Protect your loved ones - install a GPS vehicle tracker in their car.

2 - You Bought 'That' Car

You have worked hard and you have purchased yourself a luxury vehicle however you now attract the attention of others, including car thieves. You can protect your shiny new investment with a Tracker One GPS device and always know where it is, no matter where it is.

GPS Vehicle Tracker For Luxury Vehicles

3 - Where Are My Employees

Need to know where the closest vehicle is to a job? Want to see where your entire fleet is at the click of a button? Someone called you to complain that your employee Fred was driving too fast. A click of a button and you can see that Fred is exceeding the speed limit.

Monitor your staff using a GPS vehicle tracker.

4 - Save On Insurance

Insurance is expensive, really expensive! But with a GPS vehicle tracking device such as Tracker One, you can reduce your insurance premiums with most insurance companies.

Save money by using a GPS vehicle tracker in your cars.

5 - I Was Not Speeding!

With a GPS vehicle tracker in your vehicle such as the Tracker One, you can also review historic records. These records show the route taken, your speed and other important data. This sort of data can be used to show that you were not speeding in the event that you require it for court purposes. But be aware it is there as it can also show that you were speeding!

I was not speeding - use GPS vehicle tracking to show you were not speeding.

6 - Oh No, My Car Has Been Stolen ...

It's 3am and you hear your car start in your garage. As you get to the window, you see your car driving out the driveway - with you not in it! It has been stolen, your pride and joy has been stolen. You quickly grab your phone, call the police and you tell them *exactly* where it is located. You even make it easier for the police by stopping the engine using your GPS Vehicle Tracker. They simply walk up to the car and place the car thief in cuffs!

Stop your car getting stolen with a Tracker One GPS vehicle tracker.

7 - Customer Asks -  "When Will Your Driver Be Here?"

You take a quick look at your web interface for the Tracker One GPS vehicle tracker. You can see Dave the Driver is only 10 minutes from the destination. You confidently tell your customer, ''he'll be there in 10 minutes".

Get your deliveries to your customers in a timely manner - always!

8  - My Toys Are Protected ...

Boys love their toys. Be it motorcycles, boats, caravans or jet skis. We love our toys. However we need to protect our toys as well as our daily vehicles. GPS vehicle trackers like the Tracker One are waterproof and can be easily fitted to any of these vehicles with ease. So not only is your daily driver protected but your toys are also protected - 24X7.

Protect all your boys toys with a GPS vehicle tracker from Linelink Online

9 - Leave It At The Work Site!

Plant machinery is commonly stolen from work sites as they are often left there overnight or for days on end. By installing a GPS vehicle tracker in your trucks, tractors, excavators or VMS signs you can have total visibility of your assets and know where they are, all at a glance or a click!

Install a GPS tracker in your Bob Cat excavator - protect it and your business.

10 - Safety

As an employer you need to keep your staff safe and free from harm. By installing a GPS vehicle tracker in your fleet vehicles you are taking one extra step to keep them safe, free from harms way. You can see how much they are driving, where they are driving and their driving behaviors. You have total visibility and that gives you peace of mind.

Protect your staff with a GPS vehicle tracker from Linelink Online

So now that we've covered 10 reasons why you should install a 3G GPS vehicle tracker, it is now time to consider purchasing one or more. Linelink Online is an authorised dealer for Tracker One 3G GPS Vehicle Trackers.

The Tracker One is simple to install and uses any carriers SIM card. You simply install the device with a 3G SIM Card installed and you can then monitor your vehicle(s) via the Smartphone APP (Android / IOS) or via the Web Interface. There are no ongoing costs or maintenance other than the annual cost of the SIM card data which is around $20 to $30 a year.

Visit Linelink Online today - Tracker One 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker.

Tracker One GPS 3G Vehicle Tracker


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